Phone Number


1.Requirement of Phone’s

 Android 4.2 or above iOS 8.0or above support BT4.0  


Display time and date and power,etc

Smart alarm clock: set clock in app,it will shake to remind in the time.

Calories:count the consumption of calories,clear in 24 hours automatically check the history in the app. 

Mileage: count the mileage, clear in 24hours automatically.

Blood pressure monitor:switch to the interface of the blood pressure monitor, it will test it automatically and save your dates in App

Sleep Monitor:open the function of sleep detection in Band,detect your sleeping status in 24 hours.

Drinking ? reminder: in the Band function setting”Turn on the function of drinking reminder and setting the time, it will shake in time of drinking.

Message notifications: After match successfully, when the phone receive the message of QQ,WeChat,SMS,The band will bring the message and shake.

Incoming call: reminder: After the match successfully, when there in coming call, band will show the contact and the name of the contact storage in your phone to remind.

Shake for selfies: in the menu bar shake to take phone. ETC 

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